Covered Bridges

This is the Mull Covered Bridge in Sandusky County south of Fremont. It is one of Ohio's Oldest.

Spain Creek Bridge is the oldest covered bridge you can drive over in Union County. It is small and cute on the way to the next covered bridge.

 The Pottersburg Bridge was moved to the end of the North Lewisburg bike path (which follows an abandon rail line). It doesn't go over a stream, just a grass valley. It also has electric lights.

 This Big Darby Creek Bridge is the first of the new covered bridges in Union County. It has had some time to weather, but still has the new construction features. Large stone steps lead down under the bridge.

The Mill Creek Bridge is Ohio's newest being finished November, 2010. It looks very new, but is on an old narrow township road near the Union Delaware County line. The bridge cost over $1 million. An outdoor summer theater  (Deep Woods Theatre) is held just up the road.

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