Guy Girl screen print

This is a silk screen print (serigraphy) from college. It shows a guy and a girl in different worlds. The guy is thinking and time sensitive. The girl is flirting and showing off her beauty, yet they don't connect. The guy is a drawing of a friend from Australia while the girl is actually a photo that my dad took in the early 1960's on a camera club model shoot. Screen printing is good for changing color from dark to light across a print used here.

Car in the City

This is an oil painting I did in High School which continues to be one of most popular art pieces. I did another (better) version of this my first year of college and sold it. The newer version showed a brick street and more realistic building in the background. I think there's something to be said for an oil painting with a touch of drama that people can relate to. People who do modern art have no reason to cry about not selling their works because art museums show what the old masters did to make popular works that sell.