Ode to Warhol

this was a Warholish litho print done about the time Andy Warhol passed away. Lithography is done on either large stones or aluminum plates and drawn in reverse before printed on a press (thus, "old fashion vegetable soup" is backwards)


Surrealistic painting with Car

2 ft x 3 ft surrealistic painting featuring car with popcorn traveling down road and purple cubes falling from sky. not sure what it all means.

Nick Cave at Schoolkids Records

Barry Adamson (background left) and Nick Cave (foreground) photographed at Schoolkids Records in 1980's made into three-tone lithographic print 1ft x 2 ft. Actual autograph "Sir Nicholas Cave" printed on lower right.


SELF Portrait

This is a woodcut self-portrait back when I had a mustache and was into the artists of Vienna from 100 years ago. I remember this being influenced by Egon Shiele. The image was done live from a fun-house mirror made from Chrome Mylar. My woodcut tools were stolen shortly afterwards when I took a trip to St. Louis, so the image is kind of appropriate.